Our Purpose

To ensure high standards of quality, the service is designed and delivered according to the National Minimum Standards: Children’s Homes Regulations and The Supporting People Quality Assurance Framework as far as possible. Whilst adherence to these guidelines is not mandatory, the company recognises the importance of working within a quality framework which provides a useful benchmark for self-assessment and continuous improvement.

Supported Accommodation

young people aged 16 – 18 can gain the confidence and skills needed to live independently. We are also there to give young people the emotional and practical support needed to help keep them on track.


We work closely with local Housing Associations to provide long term housing solutions to those young people who are able to evidence that they are able to maintain a tenancy successfully with minimal to no support.

Mother & Baby Care

JACS recognises that becoming a new mother can be very overwhelming and at times feel quite lonely, our facility is staffed 24 hours a day to ensure that support is available whenever its needed.

Emergency Placement

JACS offer emergency placements in times of crisis or intervention. This type of placement can act as respite to prevent a relationship breakdown or can be there as a temporary measure until and alternative placement is sourced. At times this may lead to a long term placement when and where this is the best outcome for the young person involved.

Equal Opportunities

JACS will aim to ensure that all members of staff and young people adhere to the anti-discriminatory and promotion of equal opportunities policy. This policy is consistent with the Birmingham City Councils Equal Opportunities and Diversity policy, The Children Act 1989, and The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Anti Bullying

JACS has an anti-bullying policy, which sets out clear expectations and practice guidance for the staff and young people. Actions to be taken for incidents involving residents will include; individual discussions with the young person and his/her keyworker, disruption meetings with the young person’s social worker to review the placement and the implementation of strategies to change the inappropriate behaviour.


JACS aims to encourage the full involvement of young people in its service design and delivery.  Young people are encouraged to take part in residents meetings which gives give them the opportunity to comment on any aspect of house business. Thier views will also be sought at each stage of the business review cycle and where possible young people will be involved in the interviewing process for any new members of staff.

Safe Guarding

A risk assessment is undertaken with each young person and this is regularly reviewed and monitored. It covers all aspects of behaviour and history that might cause a risk to the young person or to others. Each risk assessment contains a Risk Management plan, to be followed by staff at all times. Risk assessments and management plans are updated regularly and after specific risk events


JACS aims to offer high quality and accommodation and care, which is responsive to its residents needs at all times. Nevertheless in doing so we recognise there may be times when a young person and/or their family/representative may want to express their dissatisfaction with regards to services they have received, or believe they should have received.